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The Joy of Partner Yoga
by Mishabae Edmond

Amazon.com Description: Share the joys of yoga—and increase the benefits. The familiar postures of Hatha Yoga have renewed power and effectiveness when partners work together. Though all the asanas are touched upon, this comprehensive holistic program charts new ground in looking at a joint practice. There are creative interpretations for two of yogic breathing, symbolic hand gestures, mantras, and vinyasas—those special, flowing sequences of poses. For a restorative and healing workout, one person goes into repose while the other applies leans, stretches, twists, and compressions. Special advice on the art of partnering reveals how to create a positive, safe, and nurturing environment. In all the exchanges, the mutual support helps both people work better and improve alignment. Special black and white symbols representing each partner make directions easy to follow.

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Reader review:
It's difficult to find anything really unique in yoga these days-But this book is it! Sure the concept of partner yoga has been presented before, But not like this. Here, the `practice' transcends to communal ceremony...as playful as you like, yet leading to sensitive, divine connection. And, it's not limited to asanas ....All maya koshas are honored: (physical/breath/ mental-emotional/ intuitive/and bliss bodies). And, I really like the descriptions of the chakras and using mudras with a partner (so creative and original).

ALSO, The photos are gorgeous! The author's writing is as eloquent and inspired as the quotes! (a `non-yoga' friend wants the book just to `look at' ) However, it also works on the practical level: guiding you through developing and varying your very own practice...gentle or more challenging.
I believe this practice is possible for any two people. I've tried it with partners not my size or degree of flexibility; just use that open mind and a blanket to adjust height. Your reward will be `Namaste' experienced throughout the practice!

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"This book is a real gift for those of us who love yoga!
The positions are really original and innovative, as well as gorgeous. The author encourages her readers to let go of perfection and to embrace connection instead."

-zensue, San Francisco, Amazon.com