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Partner Yoga Cover

The Joy of Partner Yoga
by Mishabe Edmond

Partner Yoga is a unique mind-body discipline based on traditional Hatha yoga with massage, Thai massage and yoga therapy techniques. Working with a partner - lover, child or friend - you experience the postures with mutual support and close contact. The practice includes meditative sequencing that increases your flexibility and stamina, reducing tension and stress while enhancing the trust between you. The book represents an introduction to a comprehensive practice and offers step-by-step guidance through opening salutations, warm-ups, breathing techniques and sequences of asanas in continual partnered flow.



Lovers' Knot

Lovers' Knot-The Art of Sensual Partner Yoga (upcoming)
by Mishabe Edmond

The sensual art of partner yoga comes from the languorous flow of sequenced postures I refer to as "Lover's Knot." Moving like a slow dance, this beautiful and deeply sensual exchange opens the way to incredible depths of intimacy and creative heights in love making. Working with the rhythmic pulse of the heart and the wave of the breath, each posture unfolds towards the next, using the whole body to lean, stroke, and stretch, with creative movements providing the passage from one point of embrace to the next.

Partner yoga opens body, mind and emotions to subtle levels of energetic contact and non-verbal communication. Touch is explored in new ways that extend warm caring contact and physical intimacy, while nurturing an atmosphere of trust and relaxation. The sequencing of asanas in combination with breath work, meditation and integrative massage techniques allows us the opportunity to slowly unwind, finding a pathway from the intellectual idea of intimacy, to the actual experience of full union, as the heightened awareness and sensitivity cultivated by yogic techniques enlivens every touch, pause, breath and sigh. The effect is transforming.


"This book is a real gift for those of us who love yoga!
The positions are really original and innovative, as well as gorgeous. The author encourages her readers to let go of perfection and to embrace connection instead."

-zensue, San Francisco, Amazon.com