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Yoga is something you must do to understand. It comes from inside, slowly taking you into its own embrace.

                       Balance Arts ~ Intergrative Yoga Therapy
                       "Self Awareness is the root of all vitality "

             NEW-  Small Group Therapeutic Yoga Classes !

                   Limited to 6 students are now offered in my studio.

CURRENT CLASSES : Heart Centered Yoga-

A class for cardiovascular wellness, blood pressure management, prevention of and recovery from heart disease.

YOGA Glow- A class to ease the mental, emotional and physical challenges associated with depression through gentle yoga postures, breathing techniques, positive affirmation and deep relaxation.

Healthy Back Class- A class focused on relieving chronically aching backs while restoring your overall well being.


                    More about Integrative Yoga therapy

                               What is Yoga therapy ?
Yoga Therapy is the application of the science of Yoga to enhance health and wellness at all levels of the individual: physical, psychological, and spiritual.  Yoga Therapy selects, adapts, and modifies the practices of yoga appropriately for each individual with respect to age, physical health challenges, culture, religeon and personal goals.

Yoga therapy can prevent, reduce or alleviate structural, physiological, emotional pain and their root causes.

It is best taught one-on-one to address the unique matrix of conditions and aspirations of the client/student OR as recommended by their Physical Therapist, Chiropractor, MD, Physchologist, or other Health Professional.

Most common reasons to recieve Yoga therapy: Yoga Therapy can be integrated as part of your overall health and wellness plan in addressing Stress, Fatigue, Depression, Anxiety, Chronic Pain Management, Aching backs, Pregnancy related strain on the body and Child Birth Preparation, Menopause, Osteoporosis, High Blood Pessure and Recovery/prevention of Heart Disease.

Getting Started : After an intial phone consultation in which we take a look at the whole person: lifestyle, work, emotional, physical, and spiritual well being, or areas of known strengths and imbalances, to guide me in shaping a "Yoga Prescription" for our first meeting..
When we meet your practice is then tried, applied and modified to fit.
In creating a specific practice for an individual, the sessions work towards systematically strengthening, stretching and stabilizing the muscular-skeletal system, smoothing and deepening respiratory rhythms, improving circulation, balancing internal physiology and emotions and in general, revealing the natural recuperative powers inherent in our amazing mind/body system.

I draw from a wide palette of yogic tools all aimed at deepening our sense of self awareness, and self mastery, putting each individual in a position to take charge of their health in loving and powerful way.
              Prior experience with Yoga is not required.

Your Sessions:

Sessions may include any combination of the following therapies :
Meditation Instruction, Instruction in Yogic Breathing (pranayamas), Assisted Stretching as Applied Yoga Assists and Thai Massage techinques, Restorative Postures (using props to let you REST effortlesly inside of deep poses aimed at unwinding tensions from deep with in specifc areas of the body/mind).

Myo fascial Release and other Integrative Massage techniques may also be included as needed.

Some of the more esoteric tools for self healing such as Mudras and Mantras can be of great help in acessing the subtle realms of life force energy, emotional balance, and mental clarity.

What are Mudras? Simply stated, a system of yoga postures held with the fingers of your hands that have a subtle but profound effect on the sytems of the body/mind similar acupunture).
What are Mantras? Simply stated, mantras or simple chanting are short series of syllables, phrases composed of sounds resonant with both healing energy and potent intention. Mantras can be used to deepen your experience of working with the subtle systems of the mind, and emotions. Mantras can be an extremely effective tool in support of modifiing behaviors, addictions, alleiviating strees, supporting personal goals, clearing negativity, and healing in general. I will mention Mantras where I feel you may benefit from them but teach them only at your request.

Each session supports you in an ongoing process of self discovery as you learn to one practice at a time to move yourself out of paint and into a more spacious place of balance and freedom.

For most new students, it is best to plan on 3-4 sessions to feel comfortable in your practice and to allow it to develop as your understanding and experience increase. A commitment to personal practice is essential for results.

One initial visit is scheduled to see if this is suitable for you. Then, in my experience, twice a week for two weeks or once a week for one month seems to work best. This can be adjusted to fit your personal situation.

Who am I?
Mishabae : a professionally trained and certified Professional Yoga Therapist with an advanced certification from The Institute of Integrative Yoga Therapy, a Registered Yoga Instructor, an avid practioner of yoga in love with the theory and practice who is humbly on a never ending journey of learning and self-discovery.

I also hold certifications in Thai Massage, Brema, and Integrative Massage Therapy.

I am the developer of the Balance Arts Partner Yoga Series whichI consider to be a form of healing art or Bodywork with the focus on placing people into healing partnerships expressed as an exchange of partnered postures, breathing techniques and healing touch.

I am the author of two books and have produced a DVD detailing these unique practices, The Joy of Partner Yoga, Partrner Yoga for Intimacy, and Together, The Art of Partnered Yoga.
Please visit the books or video page to view these products.

To schedule locally ( Bainbridge Island ) call 1 - (206 ) - 919 - 6289

Rates: Private Classes for individuals, $75 for one session or $260 for four.

Sharing an appointment is possible. It is best to find a person with similar needs, goals or areas of concern to optimize the effectivnes of your time.

For two people, a shared fee of $90 for one session or $300 for four.


For most new students, it is best to plan on 3-4 sessions to feel comfortable in your practice and to allow it to develop as your understanding and experience increase. A commitment to personal practice is essential for results.

One initial visit is scheduled to see if this is suitable for you. Then, in my experience, twice a week for two weeks or once a week for one month seems to work best. This can be adjusted for many personal situations.

                                      Work with your Partner

I specialze in helping couples move into healing reationship with one another through shared practice, be it a flow of partnered postures that dissolves your pain in the neck while taking the presure off his aching back or a couple renegotiating intimacy during the thrills and challenges of their pregnancy. The applications of this aspect of the work are as diverse and wonderful as the people who seek them out.

                          To schedule call 1 - (206 ) - 919 - 6289





                                                 Thai Yoga~ Sage

           Developed as a companion practice to Balance Arts Partner yoga, "yoga movement therapy"  combines the healing wisdom that is inherent in the yoga asanas with high levels of nurturing support, leans, strokes, compressions, supported lifts, and breathing techniques to achieve a state of profound well being and delicious relaxation. The giver uses the body in such a way that giving and receiving flow together as one experience. The giver uses the giving as an opportunity to come fully to their own center, the sequenced therapeutic and restorative techniques progressing as a moving meditation with the breath as the vehicle and the spirit as the guide. Rules of no force and mutual support create an exchange that is balanced and mutually satisfying for both the giver and the recipient. The level of comfort for both makes the exchange delightful, playful and deeply effective at freeing the body/mind from the effects of stress, muscle imbalances and structural complaints.  When the body is free from tension, a return to balance, mind/body/soul is simple, alignment happens of its own accord.

          A complete session takes up to two hours or can be broken down into short segments addressing specific asanas, areas of tension or a desired state of mind.  These techniques add much to a yoga class or can be learned as an alternative style of bodywork for the practitioner interested in movement based therapies in adjunct to their current practice. Yoga instructors will find many of the movements and stretches very useful in yoga class as assists or as hands on relaxation techniques to share.  Intimate partners will find the bliss of re-experiencing loving touch in ways that are not categorically sexual but bring you close together, allowing your closeness to become sensual, this new way of touching leading to the rediscovery of intimacy in ways that nourish the heart and soul and eros of your relationship.

           The overall effect of a practice including an integrative balance of this therapy and partner yoga postures is utterly transformative. 

           Taught in sections that when linked together form a large body of healing touch, this work is best learned in the intensive environment of a weekend retreat.  Watch our workshop page for upcoming retreats in beautiful places.


           My own experiences in the ongoing process of self-discovery were born through a deep abiding love for the practice of yoga and broadened by my life path as a healer. The Balance Arts system of Partner yoga is the natural outcome of these two passions entwined.

-Mishabae Edmond

"Yoga is not a static tradition, but a living, pulsing consciousness we enter through its practice.

We expand our deepening awareness through personal experience, traveling the distance from surface to center, from darkness to dawning light..."