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About the Balance Arts Practice

        ...Yoga is an entity, a generous soul, free flowing in abundant creative power, changing all it touches and all it touches changing, its touch available to any who would come in, and stay for awhile.  Transformation, a lovely word,"-trans" equals change and "form" equals structure,  the two together indicating change as the constant factor as moment by moment we live move and breath, touching form with energy and energy reshaping form...

           The Balance Arts system of partner yoga was developed over time, following instinct and joy, the life force in each asana shining a light on the potent healing dynamic  of postures held by two.  I consider partner yoga to be an exqusite form of healing art. The intention of one trebled by its union with a like mind and heart.  A comprehensive practice comprised of numerous flowing vinyasas,  the Balance Arts System of yoga explores uplifting our shared consciousness through the practice of Asana, Mantra, Mudra, and Pranayama. all yogic exercises which facilitate the union of Mind, Body and Soul.

   It is my hope that the material will act as an inspiration, a springboard to your own creativity leading you straight to the heart of your own unique practice and your own experience of the art and joy of true union.  I teach this material in the supportive environment of intensives and retreats.


The Balance Arts system of partner yoga has three facets:

The Partner Flow Series

Lovers Knot-Partner Yoga for Intimacy

Pre-natal Partner Yoga flow

Elements of the Partner Flow Series are available in The Joy of Partner Yoga and the DVD, Together - The art of Partnered Yoga.

A version of Lovers Knot will soon be available as a book and a companion DVD is in the plans.

The pregnancy Practice is currently available only in local classes and intensives.

  My books and DVD are available for your home use and I am available as a presenter for studios and healing events upon request. 


Many blessings.  May the abundance of the Universe meet you in all you do.

-Mishabae Edmond

"Yoga is not a static tradition, but a living, pulsing consciousness we enter through its practice.

We expand our deepening awareness through personal experience, traveling the distance from surface to center, from darkness to dawning light..."