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                        New classes starting soon


Expect some exciting new developements including classes that teach vegan and raw foods cooking as companion practices for your yoga body.   


Explore the art of cooking for your Dosha or predominant body/mind type as veiwed through the lens of ayurvedic principles

New Class fully integrating the yogas of pranayama, meditation, mudras, and mantras as flowing vinyasa practice.

108 Sun salutations- A monthly offering starting on the Summer Solstice of this month-june.

Expect to be challenged but it is so worth it!    

Classes will be held at either Island fitness, or Bainbridge Athletic club.

Cooking class locations are to be aranged and are avaiable as private or semi private sessions in your own home.

1206 919 6289 for current schedule and questions answered                         




"Yoga is not a static tradition, but a living, pulsing consciousness we enter through its practice.

We expand our deepening awareness through personal experience, traveling the distance from surface to center, from darkness to dawning light..."