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Partner Yoga For the Pregnant Couple

The event of pregnancy itself opens up rare opportunities for self- discovery and exponential personal growth.

Partner yoga is a wonderful way to move through the thrills and changes of a healthy pregnancy with a deepened sense of togetherness born of a unique experience shared.

In creating a partner yoga practice for the expectant couple, I have given full attention to the changing and sometimes challenging needs for intimacy and emotional support. The practice as a whole embodies far more than physical exercises alone. It presents a way for both parents to participate in "carrying" the child. The partners are offered numerous ways to connect, nurture, support, and hold eachother and their growing child in a physical, emotional, and spiritual sense.  The body of the work lies in sequences of partner yoga postures designed with each phase of pregnancy in mind. Moving in a harmony of combined support and intimate touch, the shared postures offer relief to body, mind, and emotions, while gently developing the strength, stamina, concentration, and flexibility necessary for a positive birthing experience. Breathing techniques, and the use of Mantras add layers of energetic support eneveloping the three of you in a sea of harmony and light.

Each Asana is also taught in its tradtional form for an ongoing personal pre-natal practice. The addition of mudras as a form of finger acupressure give the mother to be new tools for self care. Mudras are well know for their physically therapeutic effects.  It is possible to ease morning sickness, lift depression, or create a restful state of deep peace through the use of the proper mudra and basic breathing techniques. The practices outlined here are safe and accesible for most during a normal preganancy, though it is always wise to ask your attending health professional for a wholehearted OK before you begin. This is a comprehensive practice with far reaching effects. The skills learned here adding richness to your relationships and vitality to all areas of you rlife.

Local sessions available by appointment.

Workshops here and abroad to be arranged

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"Yoga is not a static tradition, but a living, pulsing consciousness we enter through its practice.

We expand our deepening awareness through personal experience, traveling the distance from surface to center, from darkness to dawning light..."