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Yoga is something you must do to understand. It comes from inside, slowly taking you into its own embrace.

No teaching, idea, word, or philosophy, will ever be as wholly profound as your own experience of it.

Yoga is not a static tradition, but a living, pulsing, consciousness, entered by way of the elements of its practice, and expanded through each seekers’ deepening awareness and personal experience gained in traveling the distance from surface to center, from darkness to dawning light...

My own experiences in the ongoing process of self-discovery were born through a deep abiding love for the practice of yoga and broadened by my life path as a healer. The Balance Arts system of Partner yoga is the natural outcome of these two passions entwined.

The Balance Arts system of partner yoga is unique in its approach, pace, and touch. Drawing from movement-based healing arts such as Thai Massage, Shiatsu, Breema, and Yoga Therapy, and from the wise use of Yoga Asana and Pranayama, I have crafted carefully sequenced flows of postures creating a balanced healing exchange. Sometimes referred to as a co-healing dance or experienced as a moving meditation, the sequences revolve around the postures most common Hatha Yoga.

This comprehensive practice currently holds 17 highly developed vinyasas as well as numerous partnered exercises exploring the use of pranayama, mantra, and mudra to deepen our sense of union and open the way to additional forms of conscious contact.

The vinyasas are taught in sequence as a series and most readily absorbed in the focused environment of a yoga workshop or a yoga retreat.

To this end, Balance Arts specializes in holding weekend workshops in a variety of studios and locations, and holds healing yoga retreats for couples, and yoga teacher trainings through out the year.

Books and a DVD containing portions of the practice are available for your use at home. For further information, please come in!

-Mishabae Edmond

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"Yoga is not a static tradition, but a living, pulsing consciousness we enter through its practice.

We expand our deepening awareness through personal experience, traveling the distance from surface to center, from darkness to dawning light..."